Hsien Yang caught with his pants down? 

PM Mr Lee Hsien Loong put on record in Parliament that Mr Lee Kuan Yew agreed to redevelop 38 Oxley, specifically to keep the basement dining room intact. The overall plan was to remove the private spaces and renovate the house without knocking it down. 

PM said: “So Ho Ching and I came up with a proposal to renovate the house to change the inside completely: Demolish the private living spaces to preserve the privacy of the family; keep the basement dining room, which was of historical significance; strengthen the structure which was decaying, and create a new and separate living area, so that the house could be lived in.

My father accepted this proposal. In December 2011, he told the family that it was “best to redevelop ‪38 Oxley Road‬ straightaway”, after he died, and do what we proposed.”

Emails were sent to all family members

PM added that Ho Ching and himself proceeded along these lines and have kept the family fully informed of their considerations and our intentions. They emailed everyone, including Mr LKY, LWL, LSY and his wife. No one raised any objections to the plan

Mr LKY approved the proposal and submitted development application

PM Lee also shared: “My father met the architect, went through the proposal, and approved the scheme to reinforce the foundations and renovate the house. My father signed the authorisation to submit the development application to URA on 28 March 2012, which URA approved on 17 April 2012.”

With the above in mind, is Lee Hsien Yang oblivious to the information? What PM said will be placed on Hansard and made public. PM cannot be lying through his teeth in Parliament. This implies that Hsien Yang is a serial liar and obviously trying to paint a different picture. 

Is Hsien Yang all out to destroy his brother while claiming to fulfill his father’s wish? It seems to be the case.

With the facts presented, it is time for you to decide if more time should be wasted on this issue.

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