Open Letter to Lee Hsien Yang

Dear Hsien Yang, 

In your latest post of 5 July, 1947 hrs, you repeat the arguments made on 14 June, 15 June, ‪24 June, 29‬ June and 1 July. Enough is enough. 

You have had all the time to muster your evidence and marshal your arguments against PM in the run-up to Parliament on 3 and 4 July. Why did you not approach any Workers’ Party MP to raise questions on your behalf? If that was unpalatable to you, why did you not approach any NMP to make your case? 

Your brother, our Prime Minister, held on fervently to any sliver of hope for reconciliation. And this is how you repay that hope? Your brother did not slander you or pass ill comments about your character (or that of your sister’s) when he was clearing his name in Parliament the last two days. Did you see how tired he was, how much toil your incessant ripostes have taken on him? If you truly love your parents as you say you do, love your brother as they have loved you. 

In addition, you seem to imply that the debates have not been robust enough. It also appears to me (and to some of your Facebook followers, I might add) that you are challenging your brother to take you and your sister to court. Your brother has explained why he will not pursue legal action. It is because of a four letter word: love

If you are so adamant to win, bring your brother – no, the Government! – to Court. You will then pit your honour against that of the Government’s in Court. I do not think that you will say our courts are biased in favour of the Government. That would be most contemptuous of you. You are smarter than that.

So my point to you is simple: since your brother is unwilling to sue you, you must sue him and the Government he leads. Otherwise, there will be no end to this trench warfare that you seem to be engaging in. You were once a brigadier-general in the SAF – the Korean War is a good example of what I mean. 

If you lack the guts to sue your own brother, do not for a moment expect your brother to sue you. That logic does not work. If you lack the guts to sue your brother, cease your piecemeal postings immediately. If you lack the guts to sue your brother, reconcile. 

You have two options: reconcile or prove your case. 

P.S. Let me also remind you that you have yet to answer questions about your wife’s involvement in drafting your late father’s Last Will and her role in facilitating the Deed of Gift from NHB. Much appreciated, please. Thank you.

A Singaporean

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