Silence of the Oppies

It has been almost a week since the news on our next-door-neighbour ‘disturbing’ us was reported. Funny how we have not heard a single thing from the oppositions in Singapore. All except one. Then others LL have to follow suit to say something.

Those who made a statement, did not seem to be sincere and earnest about it. Their statement was made several days after the incident was reported. What can we infer from this? Well, what I can infer is all these oppositions are just after the votes of the people and are not concerned on the overall interest of the nation.

This incident of Malaysia ‘bullying’ us is not new. None of the oppositions has ever spoken up on this issue. This should not be the case if the oppositions are genuinely concerned on Singapore’s progress as a whole, to make Singaporeans lives better. My conclusion is that the oppositions in Singapore are not doing things in the interest of the people, much less the nation.

Oppositions in Singapore always pick on small issues and blow it up just to leverage on the emotions of Singaporeans to go against the Government. I would prefer to see them coming up with better policy and giving better ideas to improve the situation rather than nit-picking on trivial matters.

This current situation in Singapore is something which I thought the opposition would make use of to show us what they think the Singapore government should do or should not do. This is the time for them to let Singaporeans hear them. I looked forward to hear from oppositions, but to my disappointment none of them are saying anything.


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