Pritam the new WP chief? or the new PAP sidekick?

I always like Pritam Singh. He has that charisma and that confidence which never fails to make me go gaga. I always thought he will lead WP to a victory and triumph over PAP in the next GE.

But when the news on ministerial salary came out, I was in utter dismay. He agreed with PAP that their WP salary framework is the same!

I did a calculation on my own to verify what I read is true. My biggest disappointment came when my calculation showed that the WP proposal might actually cost more if they have more bonus since all the ministers will have a higher basic salary.

I really respected Low Thia Kiang for all these years of hard work and effort to be different, to be an opposition member that I looked up to. But just when we all thought Low Thia Kiang had chosen a worthy successor, Pritam Singh might turned out to be an unworthy one. He did not lead WP to greater heights, instead all I see is a sinking boat.

WP raised the ministerial issue in parliament and in the end WP agreed that PAP formula for ministerial salary is like what WP proposed. If so, why bother to even raise this in parliament if WP has no better proposal? This makes WP look damn stupid.

WP also did a video on ministerial salary. Whether the ministers’ salaries are pegged to top 1000 income earners or pegged to general wages of Singaporeans. I don’t really see the difference since the actual salary derived is of the same value. WP need to stop repackaging PAP policies into nicer terms, but rather come up with better solution as a whole.

And the most devastating news here is WP has yet to answer for the $30million misused by AHTC. It seems really bad because they were being sued by independent panel appointed by the WP themselves. What on earth is happening?

WP is such a let-down.

*contribution from J.Y (Now a sitting on the fence Singaporean)

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