Who is George Soros?

He is a super rich old man who can do magic. What magic you ask? Well he can bring down the value of your currency. For example, today RM100 can be valued at SGD30. With his magic, RM100 can be valued at SGD10 instead.

This old man is a hedge fund manager. Hedge fund manager is someone who will find kakis or financial institutes with a lot of money to co-invest in something together.

So why do we care about this old man? Well like I mentioned above, this old man can do magic. Imagine he jio all his kakis to attack SG dollar and then our money become worthless. You heard of banana money? If that happens, our money can be worth less than pang sai zhua. Just like banana money lor. Of cos our arrow never anyhow shoot one, you go google george soros and ringgit, george soros and baht etc. You can easily see what has he done to other countries. Plus Singapore is so small, we need to be extra careful lor!

Anyways, besides his magical power, this old man has another hobby (Too rich and nothing better to do). Just because he is a firm believer of democracy and human rights, he likes to kaypo and help make sure the whole world also follows his ideas. So he kind of own several foundations and entities that will practise and throw money to whoever that got balls to push for democracy and human rights.

Democracy and Human Rights. Sounds like an idealistic positive thing that Singapore should also follow. But too bad lor, this old man never give SG face and he kaopeh us say we no freedom of speech, no democracy. Truth to be told, those people say SG no freedom of speech, but they all talking nonsense and hurting SG reputation.

Anyways, in summary anything that got to do with this old man cannot trust. You can refer to the link below for more ‘evidence’.


Now Thum Ping Tjin and Kirsten Han are working with him to influence our sillyporeans and bring down our country.. Super one kind. (Reminds us of Chee Soon Juan. Same same but different. Traitors) Luckily ACRA is not stupid. Guess Thum and Han are just too demoCRAZY. Or they just are puppets willing to be manipulated for money.


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