A wasted opposition leader who had to attack PM(s) to stay relevant

SO.. Mr Chee Soon Juan has just published an article to condemn PM Lee Hsien Loong for wasting his prime ministership..

You see for 25 years, Mr Chee Soon Juan has been trying to step into the chambers of Singapore Parliament House. We must really give him an award for this. Never in Singapore’s history was there a opposition politician being able to survive for 25 years without a proper job, just writing books to support a family of five, overcome his bankruptcy status (To the credit of GCT and LKY for reducing the amount the sued him for significantly) and be able to travel extensively.

Protege not meant to be

Chee actually started out promising, being taken under the wings of the highly respected Mr Chiam See Tong in 1992 but alas, Chee had to misappropriate his research funds and tried to expel his mentor Chiam for trying to teach him from the party Chiam created. Tsk Tsk. Never bite the hand that feeds you. Then he went out to contest 5 elections and not win a single one. Including the one in 2001 where he behaved like a hooligan in front of the then-PM Goh Chok Tong. What a wastrel.

Anyway, back to his article on PM Lee not having any achievement under his reign. Sorry Mr Chee. I am afraid he is wrong. The fact that he can rant and rave non-stop is because PM Lee believes in free speech and that it should come with responsibility. Chee is free to run for elections after 2013 revealed that PM Lee is different from his predecessors. Because PM Lee believes in having more citizens to engage in debate so that Singapore’s system will open up progressively. If PM Lee is like his father, do you think Chee can still run for election? He would have been slap with more lawsuits.

Ignorant in foreign relationships

PM Lee’s achievements in foreign diplomacy. As a small country, Singapore has to always tread our foreign diplomacy with all countries carefully. We work for good relations with countries who wish to be friends with us. PM Lee was friendly towards Obama and now Trump, treated Xi Ji Ping with respect while standing by our friends who have stood by Singapore in times of need, and all Chee could suggest is to criticise, add fuel to fan Singaporeans’ sentiments and condemn the Government. If PM Lee had not stand his ground, does Chee still think the bigger countries will treat Singapore, a small country, as their equal? PM Lee is kind enough not to label Chee as a traitor to the country. By the way, wasn’t Chee a strong supporter of the fallen-from-grace Aung San Su Ki? Why is he keeping quiet about the way she rules her country now?

Will Chee be able to do a better job if he is PM? He wasted his opportunities to be a credible opposition politician. Even his fellow opposition parties did not want to work with him.

So here is a fair warning to those who support Chee: Leeches are red before and after they suck blood. They ain’t white.


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