Heads must roll… and it begins with Desmond’s

Do you know why Desmond is afraid of bathing? Clue, it is not related to train breakdowns… hur hur hur. Read the below meme by SGAG:

At the moment, Desmond Kuek is a desperado. With every signal or track fault, Singaporeans are calling for his blood. Is it time for him to ‘be a man’ and take ownership of the frequent breakdowns + the recent Joo Koon accident? After all, he has been CEO for 5 years and train issues are getting worse.

Frankly, I agree with netizens’ call for him to resign. He is a failed CEO that has not answered to the public. Take the recent apology by SMRT Chairman Seah Moon Ming, his boss, on 16 November. Desmond was simply relaxing in the background while his Chairman front all efforts. As CEO, why can’t Desmond Kuek address the issue? He should at least join his Chairman to bow and apologise.

This man has no shame. When the Joo Koon accident occurred, Minister Khaw Boon Wan was the one explaining the situation and Khaw made the decision to suspend the Tuas West Extension so a thorough check can be performed.

 Where was Desmond Kuek? He appeared at Joo Koon train station for photo opportunities. Nothing from this man. Desmond is akin to an expensive footballer that often goes missing in big games and as a result, the football team loses key matches.

We are sick and tired of SMRT train issues. Desmond has no values and must be made accountable. It is time for this leech to call it a day. Please leave SMRT.


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