An ill wind that blows nobody any good

Shengwu should have known better, he is no ordinary Singaporean. He is clearly a person of interest, given his status as grandson of Lee Kuan Yew – his words carry weight. 

The media wants a piece of him and when his personal post was leaked, it was another field day. Who can Shengwu blame? Himself? Or friend/friends that shared his private post? 

As much as I want to believe Shengwu, it was unnecessary of him to make comments when a ‘truce’ was called by his father. If Shengwu stared hard into the mirror, he may eventually realise that he is going against everything that Lee Kuan Yew stood for – the foundations and regulations of Singapore. 

He may have harboured negativity and wants to side his father over 38 Oxley, but any statements or comments is just another act of throwing mud at his grandfather.

Shengwu cannot wash away the fact that he is Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson and as much as he dislikes his Uncle Loong, it is not right for him to cross the line.

No one is above the law and as the deadline given by AGC for Shengwu to apologize has passed, the Oxley Road saga may just be the calm before the storm. 

Still water runs deep.


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