5 reasons why Lee Hsien Yang was not invited to the CNY gathering in 2016

Chinese New Year, Dumpling festival came and gone. Mid-Autumn is coming and you are wondering why you did not receive any invitations to any family gathering… Here are a few reasons why I think LHY and his family were not invited to that CNY gathering in 2016.

1. The “Everything also must compare” elder

Not really sure if LHY is like that.. more likely his wife, we think. Elders are usually more interested to find out how their children fare compared to others. They will be asking how much you earn and your job designation. 

“All my children don’t want to stay in Singapore. They all have their own life.. SW being a debater, HW with his bf. Not like your Hongyi, so obedient, join IDA from a junior position”

2. The “Gossiper”

Everyone loves family dramas, especially if it happens to the most envied relatives. 

“You know hor, for 10 years, I didn’t attend the family gatherings even when my papa and mama were still around.. But this year, I decided to give everyone a surprise. Everyone was so shocked. Why are they like that?”

3. The selective “Glutton”

Enuff said. All the goodies will be gobbled up even before the host eats one. Who will invite you?

4. The “Toxic” Family member 

As the saying goes, you can choose a friend, but you can’t choose a family. When you expect relatives to take sides, you are putting them in a hot spot. Maybe that’s why Lee Hsien Loong didn’t invite his Brother to CNY 2016. Not when just less than 4 months ago, they threatened to make him lose the GE. 

Let’s just say.. maybe LHL thought by keeping a distance might do each party good. Little did he expect the social media outburst from his siblings on 14 June 2017. 

5. The “arrogant Sister-in-law”

There is a reason why there are no “Sister-in-law” character in the Happy Family series. 

If you have been the arrogant and haughty sister-in-law who has been controlling the interaction between two very closely knitted brothers and manipulating key family members to make sure your husband gets more shares in Ah Gong’s will, you will definitely not getting that invite infinitely. 

So which category do you think LHY falls under?


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