Time for WP to show their mettle

Tired. Jaded. Fatigued. Irritated. Why are you even reading this? Here we go again, another ‘accusation’ by Hsien Yang. Hsien Yang claimed that the Parliamentary session ‪on 03 July‬ is a forum that again places Hsien Loong before his subordinates. 
Bro, you forgotten about WP ah! The strongest opposition in Singapore? Why don’t you push another agenda to eliminate all opposition in Singapore since they are good for nothing? 

Just to let you know, I saw their parliamentary questions on Facebook. Pretty solid ah, hard questions.  

Singaporeans are tired of your shit lah. You keep repeating the same points that the Government is blah blah blah, lack background, conflicts of interest. But you have never actually state what you want to do with the house. Promise us you will not turn it for commercial use. Tell us what you really want. 

We have no confidence that a fair, transparent or complete account of events from Hsien Yang will be told: so far, only his side of the story have been airing on Facebook. He has been using it to mislead Singaporeans. 

We believe that Hsien Yang should stop talking shit. His strategy of releasing snippets of Facebook post is losing traction and content lacks credibility. Parliament will answer all question and it is time to stop the oxygen to the Oxley Road dispute. Just stop it.

Visit us over at: https://www.facebook.com/Onward-Singapore-1151695098198275/

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