LKY appears in the dreams of all his 3 children and….

Singaporeans heaved a sigh of relief, 38 Oxley Road will not be used for commercial purposes. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong concluded a truce with his siblings, Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling.

San Ba Oxley said: “I am so happy to see the siblings back together. I so happy, seeing them taking selfie together. I want to take selfie with all three of them.

Ling Yang cheered and said: “Saw them slapping and hugging each other, I teared immediately.” Zhong Yu commented: “Finally they come together and say the house won’t be turned into some condo liao. I a bit sian cos was hoping to have 38 Oxley as my address but ok lah, for the sake of sleeping in peace.”

Bookie Xing Zai Le Huo says: I’m very disappointed that PM Lee humji , never sue his brother and sister in court. Ah bo, I huat big already.

Although Singaporeans were generally happy with the outcome, they also realized that they have no local news to look forward to.

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