This Oxley Road Devil don’t want to wear Prada

Who is the devil? Who is the angel? I have no clue. Whose side are you on? Singapore and the world are watching this episode and with Lee Hsien Yang feeding the fire with snippets of history as he pleases, the political arena in Singapore has never been so exciting. 

Should we brace ourselves for more dirty linen and public acrimony? Here are 3 questions I have:

a. What is Lee Wei Ling’s role in this? 

Wei Ling is staying in the house and as long as she stays there, the house will not be demolished. Even if they want to demolish the house, it will be donkey years later…. What can PM Lee Hsien Loong gain out of this episode? 

Further, she has been inactive since the news broke which makes me wonder, is she a pawn used by Lee Hsien Yang? Is she siding Hsein Yang because brother Hsein Loong has always been the favourite child?

b. What is Lee Hsien Yang after?

There is an old saying that goes “Blood is thicker than water”. Has Hsien Yang BITTERNESS gotten the better of him? Does LHY still consider PM as his brother? If yes, why is he hurting his brother this way?

In his latest FB post, dated 21 June, he commented that “Lee Hsien Loong misled even his own father”. Hmmm, wasn’t the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew still in good health in 2011? So easily misled one meh?

Come, let me clap for you. Why? By showing a screenshot of a portion of an email, what is Hsien Yang trying to achieve? It only shows that he is SCHEMING. He is not giving us the full picture by only showing part of the email.  

It goes to show that Hsien Yang is trying to cast doubt. This will make people question PM. However, the words “heritage site” are key. Mothership highlighted this:

Heritage/historical site ≠ National Monument

According to the National Heritage Board, a “historical (or heritage) site” is the land upon which a thing of historical significance used to stand on. The building does not need to remain, even if the land is commemorated as one. In other words, if PM Lee told LKY that 38 Oxley Road might become a heritage site, it does not mean the house needs to remain on the plot of land as-is.

It will be different if the term “national monument” is used. A “national monument” is a physical building or structure that must remain intact, because of its historical significance. In this case, the house will remain.

c. LHY ownself snook ownself?

Could 38 Oxley Road become a heritage site and the house be demolished? This could eventually be the outcome, based on what LHY highlighted in the email. As a heritage site, this means that Lee Hsien Yang will not be handsomely rewarded if he sold the land to a commericial buyer.

This means that LHY could lose a lot of money (37 red hot Ferraris) and money is never enough. The only outcome LHY can hope for is that there is no government intervention. Only when there is no government intervention, he could do as he pleases.

All the above point to the fact that LHY is self-serving and is after, MONEY. What a angry, bitter, scheming brother he has become.

If you re-read the email that LKY wrote, “Loong as PM”. What about “Loong as SON?” 

Perhaps it is part of the email that Hsien Yang do not want to show.


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