Lee Hsien Yang, why you try to hurt Singapore?

Lee Hsien Yang…one of the central figures of the Lee Family Spat aka Lee Family Saga, Lee Siblings Rivalry, FamiLEE Spat etc. I shall disregard the sister for now for I believe she is a pawn in this public spat. Anyhow, much has been said about him. You may have seen whatsapp messages circulating around praising him, saying he is a big picture person. A brilliant strategist and a man who gets what he wants. Why not, he is after all, the son of Lee Kuan Yew.

For a guy who hardly posts on his Facebook page, he suddenly uses it to his advantage to throw potshots at his brother and the government. In his latest post dated Monday, 19 June, he released a private and confidential email from Allen and Gledhill to Managing Partner of Stamford LLC expressing concerns about the Deed of Gift made to National Heritage Board.


Impressions from the email

Just looking at the email, it seems quite puzzling coz it seems he shot himself in the foot. Correct me if I am wrong but who makes a gift (in this case, items and furniture from 38 Oxley Road) to the National Heritage Board but then inserts a clause whereby the gift can be recalled with no “condition or restriction” attached. In the United States, they colloquially call such person an ‘Indian Giver’.

What is Lee Hsien Yang up to?

Just looking at this issue abit deeper, why didn’t Lee Hsien Yang and his sister consult Lee Hsien Loong when they were making the Deed of Gift, resulting in the email from Allen and Gledhill? Was it because they felt their brother was too busy with state affairs or was it because they were up to no good?  

Playing the victim card, taking potshots at his brother, giving interviews in foreign media such as the South China Morning Post that will paint Hsien Loong and Singapore in bad light. Indeed, he is a strategist but definitely does NOT sound like a man with a heart. A man with an agenda.

In a more recent post, he takes another potshot at his brother but still focus on the demolition clause.  This guy REALLY wants the house to be demolished. Why? Well, $36 million in this case, equivalent to 37 Brand New Ferraris in Singapore!


False Allegations against the Lee Hsien Loong

Hsien Yang also continues to narrate that Hsien Loong is trying to benefit from the Lee Kuan Yew legacy but Hsien Loong has also reiterate that he has recused himself from any government decision on the house. So what gives? He could sue them but these are after all his own flesh and blood. And this man, our own Prime Minister took the pained decision to apologise to us, the people of Singapore. Now this is a man with a heart.


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