Not If But When

Depicting Prophet Muhammad in a bear suit and pushing anti-Muslim messages. This seemingly was another light-hearted, satirical episode of South Park – produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. However, there were backlash. Militants issued death threats and the producers’ addresses were published online. 


The brains behind South Park have been spending years pushing buttons and boundaries of free speech, from mocking celebrities to religious figures. Have their light-hearted “cartoons” changed perceptions and tolerance towards religions. Are Americans and the world becoming Islamophobic/anti-Muslim? 

How safe is Singapore?

No country is 100% safe from a terrorist attack and that includes Singapore. If a terrorist act hits Singapore, what should we do? The SGsecure initiative: Run, Hide, Tell, provides a broad guideline for citizens. Head to a safe place and provide a situation update. 

More importantly, We should stand together as Singaporeans. We have been living harmoniously over the past decades. We know how Singaporeans from other races are like. The race card should NOT be played. 

On a daily basis, we should always stay alert. Look out for one another and look out for signs. If a friend or family member is acting strangely, it may be worth finding out more about the particular behaviorally. Speak to someone you can trust or a senior family member.  

Six terror suspects who planned to fire a rocket from Batam towards Singapore’s Marina Bay were arrested. Foreign workers in Singapore were also arrested for plotting terrorist activities on other countries. ‘Abandoned’ bags on our trains were acts of negligence, not terrorism. 

I can picture a terrorist act in Singapore and if that happens, it cannot destroy our unity and must not rob us of our normalcy. 
In the words of Lee Kuan Yew, we are not a Chinese state, or a Malay state. We are Singaporeans and it belongs to everyone.



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