Supporter of Drug Legalisation behind Happy People Happy People Helping People Foundation?

Will come out and say it right now. Everybody has an agenda. Some upfront, some hidden. You may have heard about this organisation started in 2013, Happy People Helping People Foundation. Their mission is to “remind ourselves about the existence of the poor in this world that lacks even the most basic necessities such as, shelter, food, water and basic healthcare. To reach out to these people and provide assistance. To recruit more help.”

Noble cause right? Cannot deny they are doing good especially their recent efforts to outreach to cardboard collectors. Some more their efforts are made through the efforts of volunteers where they help out the needy seniors through handouts and social activities.

But do you know that the organisation’s goals take after the founders? Think Microsoft, Google, and local Creative and Lee Chee Guan bak kwa?  How about Happy People Helping People Foundation?

Turns out Mohd Nafiz Kamarudin is the founder of this organisation. However, from his facebook page, Nafiz seems to be negative against the gahmen, particularly in the use and legalisation of marijuana.  This guy also started the petition to Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to waive the “PAY-AS-YOU-USE” charges for Seniors staying in rental flats (which receive 1,148 supporters).  As one guy once shared “Character is permanent”.

While the effort is commendable and cannot deny that the plight of the vulnerable seniors exist. They keep using sob sob stories and anecdotal experiences with no facts.

What is the true agenda of Nafiz and his motive for starting up Happy People Helping People Foundation? Your guess is as good as mine.

One thing for sure. According to data, the G spent $2.1 billion on social welfare schemes in 2015. I am quite sure there will be some that fall through the cracks. But definitely not at the scale Nafiz is talking about. So stop misleading Singaporeans with your sob stories. I am disgusted.

Onward Singapore 


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