Not Sungei Road of the past :( 

In my earlier post, I wrote on Sungei Road Thieves Market (Sungei Road Hawking Zone) and how the market is no longer the Sungei Road market of the past. How did I come up with that concluaion? 

Read about my earlier post here:

There are many foreign stall owners. I made 2 trips over the past month, here are some of the photos taken. These ladies definitely don’t look local.

There were a few uncles that looked like businessman, like this uncle below. Hmmm, in shirt and pants.

I also noticed some young hawkers, contrary to what social media is reporting about old hawkers

And how dirty was the place? Residents staying nearby have been suffering:

The current Sungei Road Thieves Market is not the market of yesteryear. Few locals and tourists visit the market. It has become a place for freeloaders (locals and foreigners) to make a quick buck. Some businessmen are also abusing it just to make money. 

The Government has already extended help to Singaporean hawkers at the Thieves Market. I don’t see an issue with closing the place as long as Singaporeans that need help have been assisted.



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