Chee, what colour is your heart? 

Singapore matters. Singapore is our home. For most Singaporeans, we truly care about Singapore. But not Chee Soon Juan. What has Chee done for Singapore? He plays the victim card, put them into books and sells them to maintain his lifestyle. 

Let us look at 2 classic acts

1. Inciting hate towards the Government. Put emotive infographics on his FB to stir emotions of Singaporeans. Visits other counties to attend seminars and speaks ill of Singapore, claiming injustice. What is he trying to achieve? 

2. Favoring other countries over Singapore. Chee criticized how the Government handled the Terrex incident. It is easy to criticize without offering solutions. Chee does not understand trade-offs. Talk is free, talk is cheap. How is he proposing to handle the Terrex incident? He would not understand as other countries are right, Singapore is wrong. 

On the other hand, WP chief Low Thia Khiang agrees with the Government on Singapore’s foreign policy. Low Thia Khiang is not a traitor like Chee Soon Juan.

Key contrasts between Low and Chee 

1. Low understands and appreciates the efforts of our PM and foreign affairs diplomats. 

2. Low knows and respects our foreign policy position. Low indicated that he is appreciative of how the Government handled the Terrex saga. 

3. Low acknowledges the complexity of doing business with China (although he lacks the know-how to advise). 

4. Low knows the danger of disengagement of USA from South East-Asia and the potential threat of the gap being filled by China and is a grim prospect. 

5. And of course, Low is a sly fox and knows to play the game. Chee is just anti-Singapore. 

I wonder why Chee is still staying in Singapore. After so many failed elections, don’t he realize that Singaporeans DON’T TRUST him?


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