Editors of TISG to join Mediacorp 

Attention-grabbing headlines are what “alternate” sites like The Independent Singapore are using – as click baits. Twist and turn facts, package it with a eye-catching headline and boomz, a nice fancy story to distort information.

Such modus operandi is nothing new but it irks us to see articles after articles that make no cow sense. 

An article was uploaded today with this headline:

“Yaacob Ibrahim flagged for ‘derogatory’ remark about people in Geylang Serai”

Come on, do you think he is that dumb to make such a comment? When asked a question regarding the Elected Presidency, this is what Minister Yaacob said:

“But we believe it must come about because of meritocracy. Even for the elected president, you don’t just pick up somebody from Geylang Serai – the person must qualify, the person must earn the respect of all Singaporeans,” 

Using Geylang Serai was simply a reference, as Geylang Serai is synonymous to the community. What Minister Yaacob clearly mean is Singapore must pick someone that is qualified and the person must earn the respect of all Singaporeans.

What TISG did was to cherry pick words, for THEIR noble intents. Pathetic.


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