AHTC and AMKTC: As different as chalk and cheese

The WP and opposition camps has been crying foul. They are questioning why there isn’t much news on the AMKTC general manager – under CPIB probe. 

Some even asked for a forensic audit. QUESTION, shouldn’t a forensic audit be done on AHTC’s accounts when their accounts were highlighted the very first time. Funny that WP always point finger at others but don’t know three fingers are pointing back. 

What transpired for AMKTC was a complaint filed against the GM Victor Wong and the case was referred to CPIB. This was how CPIB came into the picture. 
For the case of AHTC, we know the classic act. Ownself create own ULTIMATE system that allows WP to play right game. Allows loopholes so it seems as an operational error rather than an abuse of authority. 
Knowing how to play the game, bending the rules is what WP has been doing. Following the rules and allowing proper investigation is what’s taking place at AMKTC. 

There’s no hiding. At least we know there’s investigation taking place. As for AHTC, it is still a big question mark. The elephant is stuck in the room, soon, we will see a dead elephant but it’s still stuck in the room. 

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