Pritam Singh on the terrex incident: Drawn-out diplomatic spat wih China.

ANOTHER classic case of misinterpreting intent by Member of Parliament, Pritam Singh. 

For a ‘diplomatic spat’ to occur, there must be at least some sort of indications by our leaders, or some form of accusations. There is none so far. 

The Terrex case may be due to paperwork issue, thus it is best to wait for Hong Kong to provide the offical reply. We do not know how APL handled the paperwork.

What we are hearing are mainly from social-political blogs, academics stating their views, fanning the flames. It is always easy to speculate and offer juicy insights.

Being opportunistic is nothing new but coming from a MP that misinterpreted the whole issue is jarring. Has he been reading articles and taking things at face value?

“i will only answer to my residents” The #classicfacepalm keeps appearing in my mind. There is little hope in empowering the future with this group. 


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