As it happens: WP insulted all our Elected Presidents

The Workers’ Party proposes a national referendum on the Presidency and suggests an appointed president, with custodial powers vested in an elected Senate in Parliament today (Nov 8).

 WP even suggested that an Elected President will fix the opposition. Such a thought is a dishonourable suggestion. The real reason for not wanting an EP is WP do not want a check through the EP.

 In our short history, did any of our Elected President fix any opposition?

Are they basically saying, any Elected President will be a dishonourable person, who will act politically? Look at our previous Elected Presidents, Mr Wee Kim Wee, Mr Ong Teng Cheong, Mr SR Nathan and Dr Tony Tan – Are they dishonourable people?

Why is WP saying such things? Have they lost their minds?

Just 2 months back, WP mentioned:

–         The WP thanked Mr Nathan for serving Singapore with “great dedication”.

–         Ms Sylvia Lim highlighted how Mr Nathan made efforts to reach out to her, and sought her out, when she became a WP NCMP.

–         Mr Pritam Singh recounted how Mr Nathan encouraged him to look after the interests of Singaporeans and Singapore.

Now, with a change of tone, happy happy just flip flop roti prata again? 

Why imply our previous Elected Presidents as dishonourable people, who will fix the opposition?

WP had its fair chance to appear before the Constitutional Commission and state their piece. But WP refused to appear, and make this proposal about a referendum.

10 months have gone by. And then WP now say this? It is time to forever hold your peace and fix your bloody accounts. Stop the wayang act.

They dont know what they want, and yet they propose a radical change. Which is more risky?

Onward Singapore

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