Hey Pritam, your nose looks longer man! 

Read para 4 of WP’s latest Town Council’s statement and almost fell of the chair. 

Para 4 states: “AHTC has informed PRPTC that our auditors are available to address any questions that PRPTC may have over aforesaid accounts. *However, AHTC has not received any such request to date, but will arrange for the needful should PRPTC require it.*


What can we say? Appalled? Speechless? 

It’s like going to school and the whole class knows that there is spelling test today and you tell cher, “Cher, no one told me we are having spelling test today, I will arrange to study for it if you require a test”. 

Such childish/unprofessional/I want to punch you in your face statements are uncalled for. 

We thought that Pritam is of a different calibre, someone that cares for residents and will actively make things rights, sadly, it is the case of birds of a feather flock together.

Hopeless man. Really hopeless. This is empowering your future. Some serious scary shit.



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