​5 Things I learnt about the character of Tan Cheng Bock

#1: Self-Centered. It is always about him and what he wants. Why is the change in the criteria for the elected presidency about him? Isn’t the revised eligibility criteria of $500 million set by the constitutional commission made up of eminent people in Singapore? Is he saying that they are all out to get him?

#2: Megalomaniac. Just like Chee Soon Juan, Tan Cheng Bock expects the poor civil servant in REACH to know that he is Adrian Tan. Seriously. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of Adrian Tans in Singapore. It angers me that his daughter would attack the civil servants in REACH.

#3: Cunning. Why register as Adrian Tan for the EP forum? Does he have something to hide? Or is he up to no good? The Chinese have a saying: if you cannot do things openly, then what you are doing is questionable.

#4: Flip flops.  When he was an MP and the idea for the Elected Presidency was implemented, Tan Cheng Bock himself said that we must not let personalities cloud the decision. It is about the system and about Singapore. Guess he did not mean it when he said that.

#5: Dishonorable. Tan Cheng Bock was also a key member of REACH. Surely he knows the system and that REACH cannot access personal data. So the purpose of the NRIC is to ensure that only Singaporeans attend the forum and the rest of the registration information is for post forum analysis based on demographics.


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