WP just wants to spend reserves 

Mai lai, mai lai, mai lai. This is not a game of cards. WP is yet again opposing for the sake of opposing. They want to be a credible opposition (and also number 1) but cannot make an unbiased decision. 

Their teochew commander, Low Thia Khiang mentioned on 07 September “WP doesn’t see a need for Elected President, and there is “real risk” having a President who is part of the establishment.” 


The president is in charge of the reserves and has the ability to approve or reject any requests by the Prime Minister to use reserves. 

Over the past 50 years, did PAP abuse the reserves? NO WHAT! Even when ex-president Mr Nathan approved the use of reserves, the money taken was returned accordingly. 

Therefore, this hypothetical party that says there is real risk, simi is real risk? 

This only implies 3 things. 

First, this hypothetical party is dumb as fuck. 

Second, this party oppose for the sake of opposing – as mentioned earlier.

Third, they wanna use the reserves. Say they managed to gain power and without the Elected President in place, they will have free reign over the reserves! Just fuck it and spend as much as possible. Lower taxes, give monies like water. 

Remember AHPETC? Accounts still in a mess and still ding dong here ding dong there? Town Council a pig’s breakfast already and now wanna kaypoh reserves? 

Please hor. Just stay out of this. How can any Singaporean entrust your party with the national’s reserves? 

Onward Singapore 

Here’s more information:http://www.straitstimes.com/politics/wp-calls-again-for-elected-presidency-to-be-abolished

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