Alfian Sa’at: Pattern more than Badminton?

It certainly pays to write these days.


Because a writer does not need to be responsible for what they write in this Facebook age.

If I am a writer, EVERYTHING I say or write is considered an expression of creative literacy and reflection of life.  

If I get attacked, it is censorship of my freedom of speech, it is a suppression of free will.  I can just cry ‘I am a victim under the current Men-in-White Governance’, the whole world will empathize with me.

If my friends disagree with what I write, I can change tune by re-posting their views. I will be praised as accepting differences, not a HYPOCRITE like the whites if they toe the same line as the opposition.

A classic example: Alfian Sa’at.  He should be damn proud of himself right now. People are lapping up whatever anti-Government materials he is posting right now.

Oh, by the way, if you want to be famous, just write, rap or blog about anything anti-establishment or just slam the MIWs.  INSTANT FAME. Roy Ngnerg. Jeraldine Pheah. Amos Yee. Just naming a few. From a ‘nobody’ to ‘somebody’ overnight.

I have digressed. Now back to Alfian.

He posted an article on 22 August 2016, passing snide remarks (Anti-G Golden Rule No 1) about the former President SR Nathan who happened to pass away on the same day. He wondered if the Indian Community’s image was elevated in the eyes of the majority when he held office. And he also cracked some jokes about if Singapore has a Malay President, he will become the ‘AHMAD’ when he walks in front of the PM because the ‘AHMAD’ sits in front of his Chinese boss when he’s chauffeuring. CLASSY.

Two days later, when his good friend, Ivan Heng, posted praises for Mr Nathan for his highly visible and tireless patronage of the arts, our dear Alfian also changed tune started thanking Mr Nathan and shared Ivan’s post. How magnanimous.  

So I conclude, being a writer is the best job. Even better than the MIW ministers who just get flamed for just breathing.  


How can you be a writer in the fastest time?

Try learning flipping prata at your friendly local PRATA shop.

Onward Singapore

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