​The Schooling Bandwagon: Is Celebrating Claiming Credit?

The nation celebrates. You celebrate, I celebrate, We celebrate. Singapore’s alternative media also celebrates, but not short of labeling the Government as claiming credit.

Is the Government wrong for celebrating Schooling’s victory and Singapore’s first Olympic medal? The welcoming at Changi Airport, moving of motion in Parliament, open-top bus parade, that’s hell lot of celebration and personally, I find it a tad overkill.

But it takes two hands to clap.

As Schooling said: “It has been a long week, but I am really looking forward to the parade tomorrow and to meeting everyone before going back to the States.”

He is a man of big heart. A humble champion.

So, did the Government claim any credit? CELEBRATING IS NOT CLAIMING CREDIT. Off my mind, I can only think of impetuous Lee Bee Wah. In all fairness, she did raise NS deferment topics in Parliament but was too fast to share her “hard work”?

Facts tell, Government did help

What has the Government done to help develop athletics?

In 2013, ST reported under a revised national High Performance System (HPS), $40 million will be set aside for top athletes for the next five years. The HPS is an “inclusive system” for about 1,000 national athletes – both able-bodied and disabled – annually.

There is another programme – the Spex Scholarship for elite athletes, which categorised athletes based on their performances for the last 12 months. These athletes are also given one-off funds to help them prepare for major competitions such as the SEA Games.

Government did help but don’t forget, our country’s focus is not on sports but survival.

Money is arguably the most significant factor

How much to spend is enough? And how much to spend before a win can be achieved? If Government spends too much on sports, alternative media will be out for blood again – More should be spend on social needs, more should be spent on healthcare, blah blah.

Further, not everyone is as lucky as Schooling, with such a supportive family. Myself for instance, getting a decent job, bringing home the dough is more important than sports. I do not blame my parents or the Government for not giving more. I know who I am and what my limitations are.

Don’t forget

Aspirations, dreams, goals. We have them but how to achieve them? Not everyone is a Schooling. We are also not China, throwing children into training camps and plucking the best out of the lot. We are Singapore, the only resource is ourselves (cliché but true). Putting us through the education system, infusing us with English and our Mother Tongue is our best bet for survival.

We are proud of Schooling, we are happy for him. No one in Singapore now is more well-received than Schooling and once again, kudos to Schooling. So, what is wrong with celebrating his win?

Onward Singapore

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