​A for Accountability 

WORKER’ PARTY is still telling their supporters that A is for Apple, treating them like little kids. The narration goes: “Don’t worry, everything is fine. Don’t worry, we will sort it out. Don’t worry, give us time.” 

Which makes things very worrying. 

The KEY item we want to highlight is that WP cannot account for any of the money. Who, What, When, Where? They can only account for HOW, which is use primitive manual entries. 

What WP has done is to first attack the AGO report and subsequently bad mouth about the ministers involved. One cannot compare the AGO report to the KMPG one.

It’s comparing apples to durians. Hur Hur. 

The AGO audit(2015/15) on Government revealed there were mistakes, human errors but AT LEAST the monies are ACCOUNTED for. We know exactly what went wrong and where monies have gone. 

KPMG audit on WP revealed a whole lot of mess. We do not know what went wrong, all we know is they suka suka anyhow operate and never ownself check ownself. There is no DOCUMENTATION and how do you expect a proper audit? We really wonder how long they want to continue using the delaying tactics. 

All in all, WP has been doing a good job in deflecting. When you think about accountability, nothing is accounted for. How can the issues be fixed?

Onwàrd Singapore 

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  1. WP is still unable to wake up after a big slapped by KMPG then by AGO.

    How to have a co-driver (WP claimed to be) is keep on dreaming? WP is really unfitted to be.


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